[PC-BSD Testing] sockstat vs netstat

Serghey Suvorov serghey.suvorov at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 08:07:37 PDT 2011

(Beta 2, amd64, iso, KDE)


rkhunter shows permanently a mismatch between
'output, in use' ports, which are in data output of
sockstat and netstat: sockstat has 1 additional port.
Its number is variable but always sit between
<user> gnome-keyr
<user> cat.
This take place both with PPPoE ON and with PPPoE OFF.

That is apparently interior connection.
My woory is: if sockstat is launched manually, it does not
show this port as 'in use'. Also this number is absent in
all /var/log except of rkhunter's. Well hidden something.

It has appeared in beta2.

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