[PC-BSD Testing] KDE Date & Time - System Settings in 9.0-BETA

Nukama Hakisho nukama at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 15 12:16:47 PDT 2011

The system is installed since 9.0-BETA1, updated recently to BETA2.
Timezone was set to UTC during first install.

Changing timezone inside "PCBSD Control Panel" / "System Settings" /
"System Administration" / "Date & Time" results in "Error setting new
time zone.".
After running "touch /etc/timezone" (file didn't exist before) the change works.

Whats the current way of handling timezone changes inside PCBSD?

- linking /etc/localtime to /usr/share/zoneinfo/${TZ}
- good ol' tzsetup

Apart from that, changing NTP server via this GUI results in another
error message:
"Unable to contact time server: Public Time Server (pool.ntp.org)"
But it should read: "sed /etc/ntp.conf to your liking" ;)


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