[PC-BSD Testing] 9.0 b2, KDE (flash), GNOME (shortcuts)

Vittorio Cagnetta vaisarger at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 12:15:03 PDT 2011

Kris, I think you're in the right direction.
FreeBSD developers have not to worry about "nonliterate" users, and,
believe, it's a big problem they *don't* have; but PC-BSD has different

Il giorno 15/set/2011 18:12, "Ken Moore" <ken at pcbsd.org> ha scritto:


On 09/14/11 14:14, Serghey Suvorov wrote:
> Hi Ken,
> 1) I installed Firefox, Kile, wxMaxima, Op...
I just checked all of these PBI's and they properly placed the desktop and
menu shortcuts when installed via the AppCafe. I did discover that the
openoffice shortcuts were not working, and I have fixed them in svn. If you
use the pbi_add command from a terminal to install a PBI, it does not place
the desktop and menu shortcuts by default, you have to add them via the
AppCafe afterwords.

> 2) At my experiments the icons were restored, but without miniatures, and
with the same messag...
The messages were because of a special feature for GNOME to recognize
"Trusted" desktop shortcuts, and pressing the  "Mark as trusted" option
returns the desktop shortcut back to its original appearance and
functionality. I have discovered that each DE has its own little quirks that
you just need to get used to (such as this one). That is why I am so pleased
to be able to let the user select the DE of their choice now, so that you
can avoid (as much as possible) learning the quirks of a new DE just to use

> 3) However that is not the enquiry. Now PCBSD have the unique possibility
> to win the usual use...
I am glad that you are pleased with PCBSD. We are attempting to make it easy
to use and minimize the amount of terminal time needed so that a
computer-illiterate person can use it easily. I have gotten a number of
people I know to switch over to it, most of those being computer users who
don't even realize there is such a thing as a terminal, so I think we are
getting to that point gradually, but there is always more to do.

> Thanks
> Best regards
> Serghey
> On 14 September 2011 20:10, Ken Moore <ken at pcbsd.org> wr...

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