[PC-BSD Testing] upgrade from 9-0-b1.5 to b2.0 fails due to bad module_path

Julian Elischer julian at freebsd.org
Wed Sep 14 23:50:40 PDT 2011

During the reboots to get 9.0 b2 installed over the existing system 
the kernel modules that match the kernle being booted are in
/boot-mount/boot/kernel.pcbsd but the kern.module_path  sysclt points 
to /boot/modules and /boot/kernel,
so it tries to load the wrong modules and falls over.

quick fix: set the right path at the very front of /etc/rc.conf

probably Kris has teh 'right' fix..

single 400GB drive set up with ZFS with  separate 'boot' partition.
(default setup for a ZFS system in 1.5)


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