[PC-BSD Testing] 9.0 b2, KDE (flash), GNOME (shortcuts)

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Wed Sep 14 10:10:27 PDT 2011

>>     >
>>     > 2) GNOME.
>>     >
>>     > I installed many PBIs with success, then deleted some shortcuts
>>     from
>>     > desktop in order to use GNOME-menu. Alas, they were absent in
>>     menu :(
>>     > After moving from trash to desktop, the shortcuts had not been
>>     restored
>>     > up to operable state.
>>     >
>>     >
>>     > Best regards
>>     > Serghey

As to this error, I just installed the GNOME desktop to test it. I found 
that installing PBI's via the AppCafe worked flawlessly, with both 
desktop icon and menu icon in the appropriate place and functional. What 
PBI did you install that did not have a menu icon, but did have a 
desktop icon? I ask this because some programs do not have either Menu 
or Desktop icons, but if there is a desktop icon there should be a 
corresponding menu entry as well. If there is one but not the other, let 
me know and I can fix that for the PBI.

Trashing desktop icons:
I found that GNOME was unable to restore the desktop icon after trashing 
with the error: "Could not determine original location of '(desktop 
entry)'  ".
However, by dragging the icon from the trash back to the desktop and 
running it, I was given the warning that is was an untrusted application 
and choices to launch anyway, Mark as trusted, or cancel. By launching 
anyway, the program started without a problem. Marking it as trusted 
simply returned the icon to its original look on the desktop, and it 
started normally when running it after that.

Instead of dragging the desktop icon from the trash back to the desktop, 
I also tried re-installing the desktop icon by right clicking on the 
application in the AppCafe and selecting "Install Desktop Icons". This 
replaced the icon on the desktop without a problem and the icon worked 
just fine as well.

So in other words, I was unable to duplicate your error with the GNOME 
desktop and the desktop icons/menu entries. If you have some additional 
information to try and nail down when this error happened, I will try to 
reproduce/fix it here.

Thanks for the report!

~~ Ken Moore ~~

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