[PC-BSD Testing] no boot loader?

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Wed Sep 14 08:08:49 PDT 2011

On 09/13/11 17:14, Sha'ul wrote:
> Was selecting the boot loader for installation taken out for 
> installing along side other OSes? I want to use the boot loader 
> because I also have OpenBSD installed. Is it only full disk 
> installations now?
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The option for installing the PCBSD bootloader was removed from 9.0 
because it interfered with currently installed boot loaders (such as 
EasyBCD, GAG, and the windows bootloader) and required some additional 
"magic" to reset your bootloaders after installing PCBSD. However, this 
does -NOT- mean that PCBSD is only for full-disk installations, you can 
still dual (or more) boot with PCBSD by installing into a specific 
primary partition. You will simply need to modify your existing boot 
loader to include PCBSD afterwords.

If you do not have a bootloader (or simply want to use a different one), 
I recommend GAG because it is simple and easy to use, but there are many 
others that also work without any problems.

~~ Ken Moore ~~
(ken at pcbsd.org)

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