[PC-BSD Testing] can't print on Beta1.5

Tigersharke . tigersharke at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 17:11:33 PDT 2011


I realize this may seem like talking down to you, this is not the
intent.  It usually helps to eliminate the simple things that may be
overlooked (or assumed without question). I hope all this helps.

Did you go to 'System Manager' in the control panel, to enable HPLIP
in 'Hardware Drivers' section in System Packages tab? (I cannot
confirm whether this is required to install other support files)

Did you use the Printing item (under the heading 'Hardware') in the
PCBSD Control Panel?

I do not have a Canon Pixma iP4000 so I cannot fully test whethere
this would achieve what you need. The following steps may help you get
your printer accessible:

After starting the 'Printing' printer configuration program, click 'new'.
When the Select Device appears, under 'Network Printer' choose
'AppSocket/HP JetDirect'
In the 'Host' box enter some text to continue (this is used as the
device URI) then click forward.
The radio button should be set for "Select printer from database"
In the 'Makes' box, scroll to Canon, select it and click forward.
Scroll down the 'Models' list, and select 'PIXMA iP4000' and click forward.
The last step is to adjust the Printer name or description as desired,
and click apply.

The printer settings can be adjusted later, especially 'Device URI'.
This is done by choosing 'properties' under 'Printer' after selecting
the new 'Canon-PIXMA-iP4000' icon.

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