[PC-BSD Testing] RC1: KDE default theme

Serghey Suvorov serghey.suvorov at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 11:56:33 PDT 2011

the changing KDE-loading-blue ==> KDE-loaded-green takes place
too quickly, and nothing can be done . There is one exeption:
the 1st login after installation and X-configuration.

First time it was 3-4 minutes, then changing and default widget
had vanished (my previous report).

Now I sat and waited for this about 5 minutes. Nothing. I removed
widget and placed my icons (3-5 mins else). Here picture
had changed and icons had disappeared.

Seemingly, some my actions call 1st changing, but I don't know
what sort.


On 30 October 2011 15:24, Ken Moore <ken at pcbsd.org> wrote:

>  On 10/30/2011 05:39, Serghey Suvorov wrote:
> PCBSD9.0-RC1-x64-DVD.iso; KDE.
> To Ken Moore.
> Hi Ken,
> it is in addition to our "9.0b3: 2 old, 1 new".
> After start the first blue background picture changes
> into sea green one. Therewith previous icons from the
> blue background are lost, and screensaver color settings
> are lost too. Sea green background requires its own
> icons replacing. It is irritative situation.
> Regards
> Serghey
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> When you are talking about the blue/green background, is this when KDE is
> loading? (when the 5 icons gradually appear before it shows the KDE desktop)
> When the default (Blue) background is shown as KDE is loading, it means
> that it is using the settings found in your .kde4/ folder in the home
> directory. A green background when loading means that KDE could not find
> your saved settings and is rebuilding your settings directory with the
> defaults. In this case, something must have happened to your .kde4/ folder
> that either corrupted it or wiped it. If you can discover what caused that,
> we can definitely try to prevent it from happening again in the future.
> ~Ken Moore~
> PC-BSD/iXsystems
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