[PC-BSD Testing] 9.0-RC1 ... not really ready

Paul Dufresne dufresnep at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 06:17:57 PDT 2011

I am a 56k user, trying 9.0-RC1.
Had tried 8 in the past, but really not much... don't remember what
was the problem(s).

Coming mainly to see how .pbi compares with Nix package manager.
Mostly because nix-env would need more than 512 Mb, and that this is
not acceptable for me.
I am not sure yet, but I think you finally installed .pbi in the
normal 'Linux' filesystem hierarchy, rather than inside a single Nix
store... so in the end you would loose the main advantage: being able
to install multiple versions of the same program without risk of

But now, let's come back to 9.0-RC1.

The first big problem is the disk partitioner.
It is really dangerous, because it seems to applicate immediately the changes.
I am now used to have disk partitioner that records the wanted result
(or the changes needed to get the wanted results), and that would not
change the disk partition until the last step of installation

It would not be so bad, if the disk partitioner did not seems so ...
stupid, sorry.
I had Windows on the low part of my HD, and Linux at the end.
I wanted to let PC-BSD install over the Windows partition.
At the beginning, I was using in Beginner mode.
Seems I had only Remove and Add (not install on this partition).
So I removed Windows partition. Then try Add.
Add would report there was no available sectors.

So I tried to go back in step. Was not working.
Had to cancel installation and reboot.
To my great surprise, when I rebooted, I discovered that the Windows
partition had really been removed (I was expecting no change to really
have been done to partition table).

Still, Add would report no way to Add a patition (no available sectors).
So I removed Linux.
But then again, no space.
Removed the extended partition in which Linux (and maybe Windows???) was.
Then I began to have some space!
So I guess the big problem here would be that the disk partitioner
would not know about extended partition. Hey... that's not new...
parition table with UUID would be new... but not extended partitions!

Ok, now, finally I was able to install the system.
Things have gone well. When I rebooted, system proposed me to use the
vesa driver for my Radeon 7200 (R100 generation ATI card). But I did
love the way it would allows me to use ati driver and test it, before
logging in for the first time.

There was in the Control Panel an option for me to give my user and
password for my ppp account. I think there was no phone number option
allowed however. Although it would propose between skge (my ethernet
card I don't use) and cuau0 (that's it, my serial port for my external
56 modem), even after save. When I would come back, cuau0 was replaced
by skge. System really does not want to believe me I intend to use 56k
Finally, I open lxterminal, read a bit about ppp. Was able to connect
but with a terminal and manually typing AT&F ADTD555-5555 etc. Need to
read more for -auto mode to work.

Anyway, let's come to AppCafe.
At first, it would not work at all, saying that some files were not
there, probably meaning Internet connection was down. I believed in
first. So I got to Flash window, and try Update Flash. Seen my lights
on modem begin to download stuff. So I concluded my connection was Ok.
I think I give up on Flash update. Retry AppCafe... not better.
Then got to Update Manager... which responded that my system was up to
date (after some packets going through modem). Fine. Retried
AppCafe... was working now.

Then I got to install Dillo.
It was quite long, so while it was downloading, browse AppCafe.
Discovered a Bobble Bubble clone! BroBubble it was called or something similar.
Asked for it. Downloaded put in standby, until Dillo finished.

At this point let me say that I would have wished AppCafe would show
size of the download, before it begin to download (well for Dillo I
was seeing I was about 3 of 12 Mb... but would not know the size of
BroBubble). Later I discovered that the web AppCafe shows the size and
the rating. I wish for at least the size to be shown in the AppCafe

Dillo download was way much slower than expected 56k download.
So I begin to try to know why. Lights on modem were showing very fast
download (RD light never going down, SD confirmation going fast).

I would eventually discovered that pbid, was downloading all the icons
for almost all the applications in AppCafe. That was done without
asking me, without an option to disable it.
And at a very bad moment... when I was discovering AppCafe and
downloading a web browser.

Now, after Dillo finished downloading... BroBubble would begin
download, and now realize that it is a 127 Mb download. No need to get
it on 56k, would go tomorrow download it in a public library at
high-speed Internet. So I 'Removed' Bubble while it was downloading.
Seems to go fine. But later, I discovered that there was still a fetch
operation for it. And it was very active (as the lights on modems
showed me). Had to manually kill the fetch operation. This is very
bad. AppCafe should really kill the fetch operation!

So it is my experience up to now with 9.0-RC1.

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