[PC-BSD Testing] AppCafe prompt failure

Tigersharke . tigersharke at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 23:21:39 PDT 2011


I am using 64bit rc1 auto-updated from beta3.

While in KDE, I started AppCafe and started a PBI download. When I click
the close-window button on the AppCafe window while the transfer is
unfinished a prompt window appears, "You have PBIs downloading! Exit
anyway? Yes/No"

The failure is that no matter what I do

   -  Click "Yes" (meaning: close AppCafe even though a download is in
   -  Click "No" (meaning: whoops, I didn't mean to stop the download)
   -  Click the 'close' window button on the prompt window's frame

I get the same result- the prompt window *and* AppCafe close.

Thanks for your time & effort!
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