[PC-BSD Testing] New install RC1 Caution!

Ian McNulty ian-mcnulty at o2.co.uk
Thu Oct 27 04:00:41 PDT 2011

I think I have resolved the issue here, but it could cause problems in 
future for the unwary.

At the partitioning screen, I selected the appropriate drive and freebsd 
slice to do a fresh install. Here you have the option of basic or 
advanced layout. I chose advanced as I knew the basic layout would 
allocate too much swap for my needs.

When you click advanced, no layout is shown, but there is an option to 
select default layout. I assumed this would return the same setting as a 
basic layout and then to then shrink swap and expand /usr to my liking. 
However, /usr allocates the remaining drive space, not the remainder of 
the slice in this scenario, thus wiping the entire drive.

I guess you might think I should have noticed the size of /usr, but when 
it is shown in bites, it is easy to miss a decimal place with a 500 mb 
drive and plough on regardless.

On the positive side; thank heavens for back-ups. On the negative side; 
that windows system has gone from the laptop forever. I've been meaning 
to make better use of that space anyway!

Thanks to all involved here


On 26/10/11 22:40, Kris Moore wrote:
> On 10/26/11 16:50, Ian McNulty wrote:
>> I have done 2 fresh installs of RC1 on both desktop and a spare 
>> laptop, both of which have multiple partitions including FreeBSD, 
>> Linux and windows.
>> Installed to the FreeBSD slices in both cases and on re-boot, the 
>> complete drives have been formatted to UFS!! and the Linux and 
>> windows partitions wiped. The BSD boot loader must also  have been 
>> installed on the single drive laptop, as it boots straight into PCBSD.
>> I will check this out asap, as it is just possible I made a mistake 
>> twice, but I doubt it , as I have installed all previous PCBSD9 betas 
>> without such a catastrophe.
>> Can someone check this on a non critical drive?
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> I'll check this out in the morning as well, let me know if you can 
> confirm it on your end.
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