[PC-BSD Testing] AppCafe flaw?

Tigersharke . tigersharke at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 22:44:37 PDT 2011


My AMD64 system began with 'tigersharke' and 'root' accounts, and I have
installed a number of PBI files (including Firefox 7), then days ago was
updated from v9.0beta3 to rc1. I have just added a new user 'robocop' with
the User Manager control panel. User 'robocop' accesses my system from
another (remote) pc via *ssh +X* and has never logged-in directly on my

When I access the robocop account, there is no bin directory created for it,
and therefore no links to any installed PBI files.  When I access AppCafe
remotely with robocop, it lists all of the installed PBI files.  If I then
install a PBI as robocop, it creates the bin directory and the link to the
single PBI just installed.


AppCafe displays all PBI files that are installed, however-
PBI files installed by User A are not configured available for User B and
vice versa.
Meaning that the /home/username/bin directory per user only contains links
to PBI files that user installed, and not links to all installed PBI files.


Running AppCafe should update links (to all installed PBI files) in the bin
directory of the user initiating AppCafe.

A future option might control access/visibility of installed PBI files.

Thanks for your time and effort!
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