[PC-BSD Testing] 9.0-BETA3 installer issues

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Mon Oct 24 08:51:20 PDT 2011

On 10/22/11 18:04, Bruce Cran wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't know if these have already been reported, but I found the
> following issues while installing 9.0-BETA3:
> Some issues with TimeZone selection. Truncated strings (maybe only an
> issue with English_(UK)?) :
> "America/Nipigon Eastern Time - Ontario & Quebec - places that did"
> "America/Blanc-Sablon:Atlantic Standard Time - Quebec - Lower Nort"
> "America/Glace_Bay:Atlantic Time - Nova Scotia - places that did n"
> Is the word "Island" missing in "Indian/Christmas"?

This does sound like an unfinished translation issue. If you want to
help finish any translations, you can register at pootle.pcbsd.org and
give us a hand!

> Text can be rather difficult to read in places due to the colour scheme.
> Initially my disk apparently had an old GPT scheme that GEOM found and
> selected, but I had been using Windows with an MBR layout with both
> Windows 7 and Windows Server 8 DP on it. It would be really nice if a
> warning was produced!
> When I removed the GPT scheme and rebooted, the Basic mode
> partitioning tool failed to create slices with the error "The slice
> creation failed with the following message:" - I needed to run "gpart
> create -s mbr ada0" in a terminal first. Does the installer cope with
> blank disks?
> The "Development-QT" package has a tooltip containing "QT libraries" -
> it should be "Qt libraries" with a lowercase 't'.
> The "GNOME" package contains a description "The Gnome2 Desktop" -
> should be GNOME2 (GNOME is an acronym). This occurs in several places.

I just fixed the package descriptions to have the proper capitalization
for GNOME and Qt.

> The user's Full Name field in the installer appears unlimited, but I
> know that KDE etc. fails badly if you enter more than 512 or so
> characters. Not an everyday problem, but might be nice to limit it.

I just added a a check to make sure the username is less than 512
characters. I doubt anyone will every see it, but at least it is there
now.... :-)

> Might want to consider adding syslogd_flags="-ss" to rc.conf to avoid
> having syslogd listening on the network.
> /boot/loader.conf contains a typo: "show keystokes..."

These fixes will take effect for the next release candidate (9.0-RC2).
Thanks for pointing these out!

~ Ken Moore ~

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