[PC-BSD Testing] [PATCH] [PORTJAIL] Add option to download portjail content

Lars Engels lars.engels at 0x20.net
Tue Oct 18 06:22:15 PDT 2011

Hi all,

attached you find a patch that allows one to download and extract a
portjail from FreeBSD's mirrors.
It offers the user to build or download the portjail. Sample output:

engels at pts/1 # portjail start
Error: The portjail is not yet installed! Please run 'portjail init' as root.
Do you want to run it now? [y|n] y
Do you like to download a pre-compiled base jail from a FreeBSD mirror via
FTP/HTTP or do you like to build one from source? Enter d for download or
b for build from source: [d/b] d

You may enter a mirror server manually, else ftp.freebsd.org is used: ftp4.de.freebsd.org

Which protocol do you want to use? [ftp/http] http

-                                             100% of   53 MB  224 kBps 00m00s

Portjail setup finished! Please run 'portjail start' to enable the jail.

Total time                              : 4:18.46s
CPU utilisation (percentage)            : 18.5%

As you can see, this was 4:18 minutes with 224kBps, much faster than building the portjail
from scratch. :)

I have only tested it on amd64, please also test it on i386.

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