[PC-BSD Testing] 9.0b3: 2 old, 1 new

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Mon Oct 3 07:01:21 PDT 2011

On 10/02/11 07:03, Serghey Suvorov wrote:
> PCBSD9.0-BETA3-x64-DVD.iso;  KDE
> Hi all
> (1.old) I chose a) language: Rus; b) keyboard: Rus.
> After that I could not input user name. Only Rus layout was present.
> (2.old) After ADSL configuration (by GUI) my ADSL did not work.
> The string "set device PPPoE:<device>:[povider's tag]"
> was not present in appropriate section of ppp.conf.
> These 2 bugs are able to antagonize of new users.
> (3.new) After change desktop background picture, the rectangle with
> shortcuts had been vanished forever. As for me, it is better
> without rectangle; but only one must be: "with" or "without".
I assume that you are running KDE since you refer to the "rectangle with
In this case you need to go back to your desktop settings (right click
on the desktop -> desktop settings) and make sure that you have the
right desktop type setup (file-type, widget type, or other types). The
"rectangle with shortcuts" is a KDE widget that is placed on the desktop
by default, and you can add the widget back if you so desire.

~Ken Moore

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