[PC-BSD Testing] beta3 update from beta2 - notification failure

Tigersharke . tigersharke at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 08:12:24 PDT 2011


AMD64 v9.0beta2, from USBFULL,
installed for AMD64 "Hammer" on 160GB SATA HDD (default partitioning) with
components: KDE (minus L10N), Gnome, LXDE, XFCE, Dev-QT, Dev-VCS, and HPLIP.
After "System Updater Bugfixes" having been applied.

My first attempt to update, via xfce, ended after the download with a
message stating "disk may be full or dropped connection" in a small
notification window. Assuming it was my connection that failed, I initiated
the download for the update a second time. After the download completed, I
was again greeted with a small notification window, but it was visible only
very briefly- not sure if it coincidentally took my keypress after becoming
the active window or not.

Since I was unable to determine what the message was, I checked my disk
space and there was no indication of any area being in danger of becoming
filled. Remembering (incorrectly it turns out) that xfce was involved in
some of the updates, I switched to KDE (I have all 'supported' desktops
installed). While in KDE, not knowing that the update succeeded or not, I
ran it a *third* time. Once more, I was greeted with the notification of
"disk is full or dropped connection".. but on a whim, decided to reboot

Soon after initiating reboot, it began the beta2 to beta3 update, this seems
to have completed successfully.

* There was no indication that I should reboot my pc to finish the update,
my only notification told of a failed download.

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