[PC-BSD Testing] Upgrade from RC1 to RC2 problem

Johann Hugo jhugo at meraka.csir.co.za
Mon Nov 28 22:29:43 PST 2011

On Tuesday, November 29, 2011 01:47:17 am Gerard van Essen wrote:
> Good day Kris
> I was using RC1 and when notified of the RC2 update, I downloaded it and
> upgraded to RC2. As far as I could see there were no problems.
> After having rebooted to finish the upgrade process I was able to log in,
> but when KDE starts loading, the KDE login screen shows up again. And so
> on. Basically, I can't get back into the system.
> Don't know if this is just an issue caused by something on my PC or if it's
> an update issue.
> If you need any info, let me know.
> Cheers

Same happened to me. 

I've swapped to command line (Alt+Ctrl+F1) and it gave some gnome error 
message. To me it looked like it decided to replace KDE with GNOME. ps -ax 
showed a lot of gnome processes running. In the end I've made a backup of my 
user stuff and did a fresh install. I've written down the error message, but 
it's still on my PC at home.


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