[PC-BSD Testing] *Serious* - Warden/Jail error (rc2)

Tigersharke . tigersharke at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 17:34:26 PST 2011


Ok.. as mentioned before, I had some strange errors appear after my update
from rc1 to rc2, which I corrected by removing and reinstalling the Warden
PBI. My system is amd64 currently running v9.0rc2, all desktops installed
(now including FVWM) and Warden via PBI. Using XFCE as my desktop now.

The serious error is that the jail does not seem to have been untouched, as
described below.

Upon a ssh into one of my jails I discovered that its contents did not
remain unchanged. Inside the jail I had a svn directory in
/usr/home/tigersharke/ which now is absent.  I am uncertain whether any
other things are missing.  I also had copied the component directories of
the svn directory into /usr/ports/ inside the same jail and those are
present. The other jail has my exploration of pkgsrc, and my changes in
/usr/sbin/ and /var/db/ remain. The jails were stopped but not exported
prior to the update.

Jail issues:

   - Items within a user's /home/ directory may not be preserved but
   /usr/ports/* /var/db/* and /usr/sbin/* are.
   - Does Warden PBI affect jails if Warden PBI is removed and reinstalled?
   - Earlier mentioned error- Warden PBI seems to be affected by the update
   from rc1 to rc2.

Thanks for all your efforts!
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