[PC-BSD Testing] several problems

Sebastian Rehne sebastian.rehne at web.de
Tue Nov 15 05:53:37 PST 2011

Hello everybody,

At first: thank you for the pbi-innovation.
Installing pbi's with one click instead of worrying about
the dependency-issues just makes fun ... and is a great
security improvement, no doubt.

Last week i have installed PC-BSD 9.0 on my acer notebook
and i am faced with several problems you might can help me with.

1) My headphones didn't work:
The headphone-connector didn't work: When connecting my headphones
to the notebook, the music still sounds out of the speakers.
My colleague Lars Engels, who is member of the freebsd-team,
has already helped me with that issue:

hint.hdac.0.cad0.nid20.config="as=1 seq=15"
hint.hdac.0.cad0.nid21.config="as=1 seq=0"

in device.hints routes the bass directly to the ear.
Maybe you find a way to solve that issue during the installation.

2) Also in the category "sound":
"clementine" does not play my music (regardless of the style
of music): Error message says, that the gstreamer plugin is missing.
The message pop up when i click on one of my albums in the left
panel of the application. Internetradio works.
The celemtine feature "all glory to hypnotaud" is no
longer funny, when the application crashes and only
a reboot can stop the noise.

Something likewise mysterious as "hypnotaud":
Manualy installing amarok with pbimaker was successful and
i startet the application succesfully once from my desktop.
But then the binary file mystical "is missing" and can't neither
be found in /usr/local/bin nor in home/sebastian/bin/amarok-9/.
I get no results with "find . -name amarok" or "find . name amarok-0".
This happend after switching from xfce to kde and back.

3) CPU0: local APIC error 0x40
dmesg shows the above error-message frequently.
I found an advice in the freebsd-forum, to set

'hint.apic.0.disabled' in /boot/device.hints

But that didn't help me.  
I assume that this error might be the reason for some
other "application-crashes" i have to deal with. For example
the submarine-game downdeep crashes just before
i shot the first tropedo. Also xbmc crashes "very constantly"
after a few minutes. Switching to an other tty, i can see that
the cpu-message appears multiple times in messages. Just
a reboot brings me back to a working x-environment.

4) LibreOffice Writer crashes:
When i try to chang the font, the writer immediately crashes:
pid 32347 (soffice.bin), uid 1001: exited on signal 11
Changing the font in the other libre-applications works.
If it is helpful for troubleshooting i could
start the application with truss next time.

5) Scanning doesn't work:
I have installed the xsane-pbi, but i can't start the application:
[sebastian at pcbsd-4328 /usr/home/sebastian/bin]$ ./xsane
Shared object "libcam.so.5" not found, required by "xsane"
[sebastian at pcbsd-4328 /usr/home/sebastian/bin]$

6) I can't configure the printer:
Printer: LaserJet 1022
I didn't found a appropiate driver, generic etc. didn't work.

7) virtual box:
Last but not least: i was not able to install a working virtualbox.
If i understand it correctly, the "system-panel" just contains the
additions for pc-bsd as guest in a virtualbox but not the virtualbox
itself. But neither with installed additions or without, creating
a virtualbox from ports fail with the following messages:

kBuild: Packing /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose/work/VirtualBox-4.0.12_OSE/out/freebsd.x86/release/bin/vboxkeyboard.tar.bz2
rm /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose/work/VirtualBox-4.0.12_OSE/out/freebsd.x86/release/obj/pcnet32.rom.rt1.bin /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose/work/VirtualBox-4.0.12_OSE/out/freebsd.x86/release/obj/pcnet32.rom.rt2.zbin /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose/work/VirtualBox-4.0.12_OSE/out/freebsd.x86/release/obj/pcnet32.rom.rt2.bin
===>  Installing for virtualbox-ose-4.0.12

===>  virtualbox-ose-4.0.12 conflicts with installed package(s):

      They install files into the same place.
      Please remove them first with pkg_delete(1).
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose.
[root at pcbsd-4328] /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose# pkg_info |grep virtual
gvfs-1.6.6_1        GNOME virtual file system
qt4-qvfb-4.7.3      Qt virtual framebuffer utility
thunar-vfs-1.2.0_1  The virtual filesystem for Thunar
virtualbox-ose-additions-4.0.12 VirtualBox additions for FreeBSD guests

It seems to me, that removing the check in the "system-panel" does not
remove the software from the system. A similar experience a have made
with kde, which is still on my system, althought it is "removed" in the

Thanks to anybody, who has the patience to read so far.
I'am thankful for every helping advice.

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