[PC-BSD Testing] printer issue again

Sven Moeller smoeller at nichthelfer.de
Sun Nov 13 12:58:24 PST 2011


after upgrading to Beta3 i've noticed that i wasn't able to print, like it was 
after upgrading to Beta2. I haven't installed the HPLIP on RC2. I was just 
able to print from GTK applications. After installing HPLIP i was able to 
print from KDE applications too. On Beta3 i haven't tested printing. So, now 
running RC1 HPLIP is installed and i can not print from any application. I've 
checked the status of the configured printer by taking a look at 
http://localhost:631/printers/. I've found this error message in the "Status" 

Idle - "File "/usr/local/libexec/cups/filter/rastertogutenprint.5.2" not 
available: No such file or directory"

Any idea what package is missing here?


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