[PC-BSD Testing] GTK appearance & gnustep

Gerard van Essen gvanessen at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 12:35:29 PST 2011

Good day, Kris

Whilst testing 9 RC2 I noticed that GTK apps (PBI's) don't look integrated
into KDE, e.g. VirtualBox, Chrome/ium, LibreOffice etc

Here as some links to screenshots of the same program running in PC-BSD and
Linux Mint.

Chromium (PC-BSD) - www.freebsdnews.net/pcbsdtmp/chromium-pcbsd.png
Chromium (Linux Mint) - www.freebsdnews.net/pcbsdtmp/chrome-mint.png

LibreOffice (PC-BSD) - www.freebsdnews.net/pcbsdtmp/libreoffice-pcbsd.png
LibreOffice (LinuxMint) www.freebsdnews.net/pcbsdtmp/libreoffice-mint.png

Could this be fixed?

Also, i've only installed the KDE environment, but there's a folder called
gnustep in ~homefolder. This shouldn't be there.



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