[PC-BSD Testing] Wireless configuration tool

Johann Hugo jhugo at meraka.csir.co.za
Thu Nov 10 01:42:50 PST 2011


If I select a wifi AP that's configured in WPA2 enterprise mode, then the 
config tool pops up a window that asks for a PSK, not a user name and passwd.

Future improvements:
Most users just use the default regulatory domain settings for their wifi 
adapters, but ifconfig can take a "country name" parameter that will change 
the regulatory domain for a country, so that it will automatically select the 
correct set of available wifi channels for that country.

It will be great if one could change the country (regulatory domain) from 
inside the wireless configuration tool.

The tool could even look at you current "timezone country" settings and 
default to that country if you select the " set regulatory domain" option.


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