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Tigersharke . tigersharke at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 23:17:42 PST 2011


This was recently mentioned on irc, and I am wondering how it would be
done, and whether it can be easily facilitated without a great deal of
setup on the users' part.

Supposing there are two (or more) friends who each have their own PC and
use PC-BSD v9.0 but their internet connections are quite slow.  Therefore,
when one friend obtains a cool PBI or updates his system, they would like
to be able to share the precious downloads among themselves.

With v8.2 PBI, each was a large self-contained file, and would be easily
shared as long as each system was the same architecture.

When a v9.0 PBI is installed (via AppCafe) it seems to download and
disperse within the system and not leave any solid file that could be
transferred. Other considerations are that each system may be unique and
have differing dependencies.

What I propose is something of an ad hoc repository- to allow the sharing,
among like machines, of installed PBI software.. with any of this group of
machines acting as the ad hoc repo. Of course, if there is a simple way of
doing this already, the method can be documented..

In a similar vein, it would be helpful in the poor bandwidth situation
described, to be able to share periodic system updates, such as beta3 to

Thank you for your time!
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