[PC-BSD Testing] How to install KDE?

Hugh boxxxxxoq at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 20:40:02 PDT 2011

On Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 11:22 AM, Tigersharke . <tigersharke at gmail.com> wrote:

> hello again..
> pc-sysmanager will simply invoke the GUI that you already saw.. however,
> within that GUI, there is no section "wm" but instead look in "Desktops" and
> if you do add KDE by this method, beware the Caveat.
> Seeyas!

Thanks for reminding.

PC-BSD 9.0 introduced PBI
Manager(http://wiki.pcbsd.org/index.php/PBI_Manager), a suite of
command line utilities for managing PBIs. This should be the tool I am
looking for.


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