[PC-BSD Testing] pcbsd9 cdiso and dvdiso: keyboard issue, nvidia, languages

william opensource4you william.os4y at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 10:53:17 PDT 2011

Hello all,

I've made a standard installation selecting all default values
(UFS+SU, ... ) on an existing slice (not entire disk) with default
partition's sizes, no encryption, no boot installation.
All default, BUT I've selected a belgium keyboard

The installation program takes into account my "be" keyboard without
problems. And the rest of the installation goes well :-)

Here after my problems:
1) when the system reboot, I receive a login screen not configured for
my "be" keyboard ;-(.   Not easy to enter passwords. But once
logged-in, X was correctly configure for my belgium keyboard. I got
the issue with both CDiso and DVDiso.

With the CD Iso, I don't think it was possible to change this parameter.
But with the DVDiso I was able to change the keyboard (drop down
buttons at the bottom of the login screen).

2) just with the DVDiso, I've got the possibility to install an
"nvidia driver". Since I'm running an nvidia Geforce 8600GT, I've
tried it. But without success.
After reboot of the system, I was not able to change the screen
resolution to 1280x1024. I switch back to "nv" and the resolution of
1280x1024 was accepted.

3) languages of the installation program. French is not complete !!!
(maybe normal).
on some screen part of the text is missing, on others we don't have
text at all.
For example:
- On the "disk" screen:
        "UFS+soft journal" is missing
        "UFS" is missing
        "GPT encryption is missing
- no text for the 2 screens after the "user" screen.

 For Dutch the situation is even worst :-(, but I've not note the details.

For the rest, the systems goes quite well (network, sounds, firewire,
...) recognized.

Small issues with youtube and dailymotion video on Konqueror (but this
would be better with pbi firefox).

Many thanks

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