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Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Wed Mar 16 09:58:47 PDT 2011

> One thing I think would be helpful for new users is something on the
> disk partitioning screen telling them the minimum space requirements
> for / and /usr. Maybe this could be put in the Help text. Speaking of
> which, I notice the help text right now just says, "Simple help text for
> screen #" on each of the installer screens. I'll assume that will be
> changed pre-release.

Yup, we need people to help write the help text as right now the PC-BSD specific menus just have a Help button as a placeholder. The sooner the text is written, the sooner it can be imported into Pootle so that it can be localized into other languages, and the sooner it can go into snapshots for user review.

Anyone interested in helping write the help text, the wiki page is here:


which ATM contains the screenshots (some which may need updating). That way writers can visualize the screen they are describing. Ideally, many people will contribute and review text so that the info it contains is actually helpful :-)

If you're shy getting started, pop into #pcbsd on IRC freenode for some brainstorming and collaboration.


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