[PC-BSD Testing] PC-BSD current CD

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Sat Mar 12 07:05:13 PST 2011

Hello fellow PC-BSDers,

This weekend I took the PC-BSD -current CD for a spin. I'd like to share
a few impressions of my experience thus far....

First up, as I said, I'm using the CD rather than the DVD and I suspect
some of the points I'm about to bring up are because I wasn't using the
DVD image. For example, the CD doesn't appear to feature a live
environment, just the installer. I'm assuming that's by design. Likewise
I noticed during the install process the installer skips from the Users
screen straight ahead to the Summary screen (skipping Desktop and
Applications). I'm guessing those screens are only used on the DVD?

Regarding the installer, I think it's top notch. Very intuitive and easy
to get through. I like how the options are laid out, especially things
like file system selection, partitioning and user accounts.

One thing I think would be helpful for new users is something on the
disk partitioning screen telling them the minimum space requirements
for / and /usr. Maybe this could be put in the Help text. Speaking of
which, I notice the help text right now just says, "Simple help text for
screen #" on each of the installer screens. I'll assume that will be
changed pre-release.

The install finished without any problems or errors.

Post-install I rebooted, let the system take the menu defaults and, just
after the loader screen I got a message saying (I think) "WITNESS option
enabled, expect reduced performance" and then the system hung for about
a minute before continuing the boot process. I'm guessing Witness is
some sort of debug tool?

The system  locked up before it got to the login screen. The last line
of text I saw during the boot process was
"--- syscall (6, FreeBSD ELF32, close), eip = 0x283b8d43,
esp=0xbfbfe98x, ebp-0xbfbf39a8 ---"

This happens right after a text login prompt appears, but before
switching over to graphical mode.

Booting and entering Single User Mode lets me boot into a shell as root.
No problems there.

I hope this is somewhat helpful and I'll be happy to answer any question
I can on the boot issue.

- Jesse

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