[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 9 x64 usbfull image

jmdennis @dslextreme.com jmdennis at dslextreme.com
Thu Mar 10 21:36:29 PST 2011

I had problems during the install of this.  I got to the point where
it does the actual install and at the top it showed 20% and below it
took an hour just to show 5%.  I realize that the xorg takes a while
to install but when I installed it before I used the DVD image since
the USB image was not working and I had no problems doing the install.

Another thing I noticed is that I have to pick option 6 when it first
starts to set up xorg to use vesa but then it works fine.  It would be
nice if you would include the ati driver even just the xf86-video-ati
driver.  I noticed that before the install where you pick what
desktops you want that you have the nvidia driver under the hardware
drivers section but not one for ati.  I do appreciate that you have
the hplip in that section as it is nice to have it there so I do not
need to install it later on.

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