[PC-BSD Testing] Dru's Next Book

Vittorio Cagnetta vaisarger at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 02:43:25 PST 2011

Hey, Dru, it's true!!
You are good in writing documentation/handbook!! :)

When I started using PC-BSD 7.0.0 after 7-8 years I was using SuSE Linux, I
printed a "book" of pages I found in web about FreeBSD managing for a Linux
user like me -my "BSD bible"- and a lot of those pages are wrote by you! :)
I have your page "FreeBSD for Linux users", you wrote it years ago, but I
did start actually with it.

I knew your name for years, before you started PC-BSD Blog...

*Thank you, Dru !!!*

Vittorio Cagnetta

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