[PC-BSD Testing] First mythtv testing results on latest 9 snapshot (hal, ..)

Juergen Lock pcbsd-testing-l at jelal.kn-bremen.de
Fri Jun 17 11:57:52 PDT 2011


 The good news is it probably can be made to work (I cant really
receive in vbox, only scan for dvb-t channels, my dvb-s2 tuner would
need usb 2.0 that vbox ose doesn't do), but there were a few problems:

1. webcamd -H seems broken (causing /dev/dvb/adapterX nodes to never
   get created), devd doesn't seem to tell hal about ugen* devices
   anymore that webcamd's hal code looks for (the while (n--) loop in
   hal_init() in work/webcamd-0.1.26/webcamd_hal.c .)  I don't know
   if this is because of -current or because of vbox, I'll Cc Marcus
   and Hans that may know a bit about this.  As a workaround I
   commented out the line

	command_args="$command_args -H"

   in webcamd_prestart() in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/webcamd (I think only
   kaffeine depends on hal to find tuners.)

2. I also got lircd working (irw, not tested with mythtv yet because
   this af9015 tuner remote doesn't have arrow keys so I would have
   to remap other buttons for those at least, and also lirc is about
   to change to devinput for most uses once the new webcamd gets
   committed [1]), but for this tuner (and others that emulate usb
   keyboards) I also needed to do:

	usbconfig add_dev_quirk_vplh 0x15a4 0x9016 0 0xffff UQ_KBD_IGNORE

   before `plugging in' the tuner ("LC-Power LC-USB-DVBT", usbid
   0x15a4:0x9016) to tell ukbd(4) to ignore the remote.  (This will
   no longer be necessary with the new webcamd for _this_ type of
   tuner (af9015), but it may still be for others.)  And I started
   lircd manually via:

	service lircd onestart

3. w_scan seemed broken with -m dvb-usb-init.force_pid_filter_usage=1
   passed to webcamd (I think on Linux this would be `modprobe
   dvb-usb force_pid_filter_usage=1') that otherwise may be needed
   with webcamd on slower boxen for this type of tuner, I'm not
   sure yet if this is because of vbox (usb 1.1...) or because of
   something else.  I'll Cc the w_scan author just in case. :)

4. (Cosmetic?)  I tried to start mythbackend using

	service mythbackend start

   and it took me a little while to find out it doesn't start because
   $HOME is unset, _and_ that I can work around that by manually
   invoking the rc.d script using the full path.  (But a daemon that
   need $HOME set sounds a little strange to me anyway? :)

5. (Also cosmetic?  and unrelated to mythtv)  When I try to
   tab-complete e.g.

	service mythb<tab>

   in zsh I get:

	 /Programs/rc.d/: No such file or directory

   (but otherwise the completion works.)

	Juergen  (who still seems to like vdr better than mythtv, would
		  anyone be interested to make a vdr component if I
		  provide a list of ports and possibly a setup script?
		  One problem might be that to use vdpau/vaapi some
		  ports would need to be built with non-default options...)

[1]	http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-multimedia/2011-June/012228.html (and related threads)

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