[PC-BSD Testing] The newly OSSed EKOPath compiler

Arthur A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Wed Jun 15 18:27:41 PDT 2011

So I was reading the buzz about Dirndl last week and then it turns out 
to be the EKOPath 4 compiler going open source. I saw the bench against 
GCC (a slightly older version) and it pretty much smoked it 
in all of the tests. Kris, it's available for FreeBSD. I know the 
FreeBSD devs want to go to LLVM and dump GCC but on the surface EKOPath 
looks like it would smoke LLVM too. I'll wait to see the benches against 
GCC 4.6 and LLVM though, heck maybe PCC too. Do you think there'd be a 
way to choose it as an alternative compiler to LLVM down the road?


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