[PC-BSD Testing] Software Manager not listing PBI (behind corporate proxy server) PCBSD 8.2

ron georgia rong1611 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 08:55:11 PDT 2011

I am using PCBSD 8.2 as a development "box". It sits inside a
corporate environment. When I select the Software Manager my install
PBIs show up but the "Software Browser" tab does not populate. With
the configuration set to 'auto mirror select, the progress bar at the
bottom cycles continuously. (Also, after the first cycle Konqueror
launches with a about:blank page) However, I can update any PBI that
is already installed.
Also, in the ports jail 'make install clean' hangs looking to connect
to any mirror. pkg_add does the same.

csh.cshrc and .cshrc has added:
setenv  HTTP_PROXY http://proxy.address.com:8080
setenv  FTP_PROXY http://proxy.address.com:8080
setenv  GOPHER_PROXY http://proxy.address.com:8080

Ran kdesu kcmshell4 proxy from the command line and set the proxy for
root. System Setting --> Network Setting --> Proxy set as well. Using
http proxy not proxy URL.

Ron Georgia
John 13:23

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