[PC-BSD Testing] 8.2-RC2 64bit testing results (lang, proxy java & flash plugins problem)

Łukasz pickman at wp.pl
Fri Jan 28 08:15:10 PST 2011

2011/1/28 Alexander Yerenkow <yerenkow at uct.ua>:
> 28.01.2011 9:59, Łukasz пишет:

> 2. I need webbrowser with java and flash support (in fact java is much
> more important in this situation). Firefox 3.6 won't work with java.
> Konqueror works, but unfortunately some of my office application
> doesn't support it. Opera works with flash, but not with java.
> SeaMonkey 2.0.11 supports both plugins, but there is a bug with PSM
> and it doesn't support https pages. So my only solution here is
> SeaMonkey 2.0.10. Is that correct? All tested webbrowsers I installed
> via pbi as 64 bit applications, the same for java-jre (java version
> "1.6.0_07").
> try my solution:
> http://javaz.org/2011/01/freebsd-java-plugin-x64/
> It worked for me some time ago. And please, if it's not working with
> Opera11, write to me :)
> I want to keep at my site working manual.

Unfortunately it doesn't work.
My "plugin search path":

> 6. From time to time, system hangs. Just before this I see that Xorg
> process eats ~100% CPU. I think that this can be some bug in display
> driver. I switched from ati3d to ati driver and problem is not so
> frequent anymore, but still happens. Graphic card is Radeon M64S. I've
> also tested RAM and I found nothing. Any ideas what can be wrong?
> Well, this seems like my problem - some weird hangs.
> I got it dufing boot and KDE/login in 8.2 beta and 9.0 beta; I did update
> sourcecode, rebuilt kernel and I think I'm free of this problem now.
> Some hardware problems I think, maybe you should send PR with description of
> your all hw?

I'll probably will. Today I observed this situation. Laptop has two
processors and xorg eats one. I can logon from other machine and kill
the process, but this shouldn't be like it is now.
I just wonder what kind of tests I should perform before filling PR.

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