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Gour gour at atmarama.net
Sat Jan 22 00:04:29 PST 2011


My first post to any pcbsd-related list...

Everything has started after I 'found out' about Tarsnap, read about
the latest security bug  and becoming curious about Colin's FreeBSD
'hat'. Then I was reading about FreeBSD, PC-BSD and PBI...(I even installed
pcbsd-8.2rc2 via vbox, but was not overly satisfied with KDE running
XFCE on my machine.)

In short, after switching to (SuSE) Linux in '99 (being OS2 die-hard
user), using Gentoo for more than 5yrs (mostly ~amd64) and becoming
tired of the need to constant tweaking, I moved to Archlinux in the
summer of '07 and I must say I'm quite satisfied with it.

However, engineering behind free/pcbasd makes me think this might be
even better...especially PBI concept of having complete package for
add-ons...I played for a short time with Nix package manager and NixOX
which has similar concepts...every application is isolate, user can
rollback 'transactions' etc., but it was (is) not ready for prime

So, considering I did not think to change OS since '99, I want to do
it slowly and patiently and therefore I consider to try with 9.0
snapshots to become familiar what the future will bring, slowly
learning the system, trying to put together some PBIs etc.

Since my present setup is using the whole HD space (lvm2 & raid1),
I'm going to start experimenting with install under vbox and wonder if
PCBSD9-CURRENT-20110113-x64-USBFULL.img.bz2 &
PCBSD9-CURRENT-20110113-x64-DVD.iso have the some content?

Should I wait few more days with the install in case something
significantly new is going to be released soon in the 9.0 snapshot



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