[PC-BSD Testing] Hijacked email account sending spam w/ Sanesecurity.Jurlbl.Auto virus;

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 21:38:30 PST 2011

Dear Friends,

My G-M-a-i-l account was hijacked by someone in China and has used it to
send spam. If you get an email from "FitchKendall" a-t G-m-a-i-l, don't open
it.  Delete it.

I logged into my email and noticed I was missing about ten days of emails.
Then I got three messages bounced back with a clue that said messages I sent
had a virus called Sanesecurity.Juribl.Auto.  (See the attachment).  The
messages were spam advertising that I had purchased a new MacBook Pro.  The
message contained a link to a Chinese vendor.  My google access log showed
that my account was accessed from China with an IP of

I immediately changed my email password, and I've scanned this computer with
Klam-AV which reports this PCBSD computer as virus free.  I suspect that my
secretary's Window's computer, on which she accesses email for me, may have
been the source of the compromise.  However, because my account was accessed
and was sending emails under my name, I am sending this notice and warning
to any of you who may be contacts in my mail box.

Please delete any emails from today bearing the name "Ian Robinson" or
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