[PC-BSD Testing] Next 9-Snapshot available

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Mon Jan 17 07:08:35 PST 2011

Another release of the PC-BSD 9 snapshot is now available for download:


This snapshot includes CD images that install the LXDE desktop, as well
as the USBFULL image again, which contains all the desktops / meta-pkgs

Since we've not begun adding PBIs to the software manager, some users
have asked how they can get PBIs on 9, such as FireFox. In this new
snapshot is is now possible to do so with a few easy command-line steps:

To view available PBIs for direct download:

# pbi_info -i

To download a PBI from the list, such as FireFox:

(as root)
# pbi_add -r firefox

To add an desktop icons for an application such as firefox:
(as user)
% pbi_icon add-desktop firefox-3.6.13-amd64

Currently there are only a few PBIs available for direct download via
"pbi_add", mainly for testing purposes. However our build servers are
chugging away on other PBIs for 9, which you can manually download and
install by double-clicking in the GUI, or by using the "pbi_add" command
as root.




This is still ALPHA quality, so expect bugs, missing features, etc.

Have fun!

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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