[PC-BSD Testing] Install woes on MacBook2,1

Miki Janosi mjanosi at uakron.edu
Tue Jan 11 09:04:27 PST 2011

 2G Memory
 ad5 - 114473MB <TOSHIBA MK1234GSX AH008B>
 using PCBSD8.2-RC1-x64-DVD.iso

 ad5p1: 200MB efi
 ad5p2: 93056MB apple-hfs
 ad5p3: 21214MB linux-data

Selecting ad5p3 and hitting next give me the following 
error regardless of whether [ ] "Partition with GPT for 
full disk install" is checked or not and ( ) "Customize 
Disk Partitions (Advanced)" tries to use the entire disk, 
not the slice.

 PC-BSD Installer Error
 (X) Can only install directly to a MBR partition!
 Please use 'entire disk' or delete all partitions and create a new one.

After I "- Delete" the slice, trying to "+ Add" does 
nothing, as if it is being ignored.

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