[PC-BSD Testing] User help needed in forum w/ 8.1 spontaneous reboot

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 19:57:17 PST 2011

A new user in the forum has a modern dual-core Lenovo T400 x64 laptop with
PCBSD 8.1 x64 installed.  It runs, but he complains that he experiences
spontaneous reboots.  He noted that the system had started the screen saver
which was showing various images.  His laptop will suspend but not resume.
He suspects an ACPI problem.  He has tried the no-ACPI option without

He has on-board Intel and ATi graphics chips.  He is  using the Intel chip
with with the intel driver.  (He selected Intel 3-D)  His dmesg and rc.conf
show nothing unusual.  However, his xorg.conf includes entries for Xinerama,
two intel graphic cards, and two monitors.  He has not said that he is
actually using two monitors.   He runs the laptop in a docking station.

I hope someone here will look at his post and provide help with his
spontaneous reboot problem.  His post is at the following address:


Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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