[PC-BSD Testing] backend-query/disk-list.sh showing incorrect disk info

Bruce Cran bruce at cran.org.uk
Tue Feb 22 08:38:07 PST 2011

On Tuesday 22 February 2011 15:42:40 Kris Moore wrote:

> Do you know of any other built-in commands that would let us easily grab
> that vendor information? gpart/fdisk/diskinfo all seem to be lacking
> this feature. Also, if you look at /var/run/dmesg.boot is the ada3: line
> mangled there as well?

"camcontrol identify" would be the best place to get it from I think. 
The entry is mangled in /var/log/dmesg.today - I don't have a dmesg.boot file.

Bruce Cran

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