[PC-BSD Testing] Disk reporting problems: USB, Double Entries, Can't Unmount

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 13:57:14 PST 2011

Testing PCBSD 8.2-RC3-x64, and I've noticed these errors relating to
disk mounting, reporting, and unmounting:

(1)  Double pop-up "Available Devices" window

I'm getting double pop-up "Available Devices" window upon inserting a
USB device.  (See attached image).

(2)  USB devices show Double entries in Dolphin's Places

Dolphin's places section reports a double entry for the USB device.
(See attached image listing two 931.5 Gib entries preceded by the
little flash drive icon that means its a USB disk.)

(3)  Some Hard Disks show double entry in Dolphin's Places
In some instances, I'm getting a double entry for some (but not all)
of my hard disks.  I have three hard disks installed (ad4, ad6, and
ad8), all of which have UFS+J file systems on them.

(i) ad4 is the primary drive  of 931.5 GiB which is divided into two
main slices:

-- 150 GiB for a Windows partition (ad4s1)

-- 781.5 GiB for PCBSD (ad4s2), divided into the standard PCBSD scheme:
----  / = 2048 Mb
---- swap = 17,920 Mb
---- /var 1024 Mb
---- /usr=761 GiB

(ii) ad6s1d is a data-only drive of 931.5 GiB

(iii) ad8s1d is a data-only drive of 931.5 GiB

However, Dolphin's "Places" section reports I have four 931.5 Gib hard
disks.  See the attached image.  This does not include the 931.5 USB

(4)  Dolphin's Places will not unmount unless you exit and reload Dolphin

The attempt to unmount a USB disk does not work unless you exit and
reload Dolphin.  I've tried clicking on a directory not related to the
USB mount point, but no success.  I also confirmed that I did not have
any other application or a terminal using the mount point.  Exiting
and reloading Dolphin does allow a unmount.

Ian Robinson
Salem, OH
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