[PC-BSD Testing] Testing PC-BSD RC2

Vittorio Cagnetta vaisarger at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 01:17:01 PST 2011

Hi! I wanted to taste PC-BSD 8.2 and help in finding bugs. :)

I installed it in date 27 gen 2011.

So far, 3 problems:
1) installation in Italian language is still incomplete. Almost all widget
are without text. No problem for me, 'cause I like English, but...

2) I was NOT able to change those 2 dns related input fields in Network
Settings: that one about ip number I was able, but dns still remained empty
(no error messages).
I had to manually edit /etc/resolv.conf from scratch to be able to make my
PC-BSD box to resolve URL names...

3) I have problem to set clock. My machine seems not to connect to ntpd
servers, and even setting clock manually gives this error message:

>  Impossibile autenticare o eseguire l'azione: 7, Errore del motore DBus:
> impossibile contattare l'assistente. Errore di connessione: Could not get
> owner of name 'org.kde.kcontrol.kcmclock': no such name. Messaggio d'errore:
> Failed to setup environment correctly
Maybe for ntpd is a firewall setting problem, but for manual clock setting?

Ciao, thanks for this gorgeous O.S.!

Vittorio Cagnetta

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