[PC-BSD Testing] 9.0-snapshot (Jan.13,2011) Installer Oddities

Lars R. Noldan lars at w9zeb.org
Wed Feb 2 12:45:39 PST 2011

Hi all,

I'm new(ish) here, so please go easy on me.

When partitioning the system, I selected ADA0, set the partition type to 
ZFS, (size properly reported as ~500gb)

I then set the zpool type to raidz, and also selected ADA1, ADA2, and 
ADA3 (also each ~ 500gb)

The total size of the array was not properly displayed in the installer, 
it remained at ~500GB.  (although it did properly build the ~ 1.5tb 
raidz mirror)

Also, I saw a post earlier this week about 8.2-RC2 still allowing 
duplicate filesystems in ZFS (ie. /tmp,/tmp)  and saw that was fixed for 
the next RC.  9.0-Snapshot is doing the same thing.


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