Dru Lavigne dru.lavigne at att.net
Tue Dec 27 11:54:18 PST 2011

> sorry for being late, i could get hold of my equipment just
> during the
> weekend ... i'm glad to tell that booting the system with
> acpi enabled [by
> default it boots without] solved both the 'sudden suspend'
> and the 'leave'
> menu issues, on both machines ... on the Satellite Pro i
> also load the
> dedicated acpi_toshiba driver, even though i cannot tell by
> now which
> benefits could this bring, if any ...
> just asking, any particular reason why acpi gets disabled
> by default, and,
> is it considered acceptable to load it to the system via
> acpi_load=yes in
> loader.conf ? i couldn't find any reference to it in the
> /boot/defaults
> conffile ...

It is disabled by default as it causes issues on some hardware.

It is fine to add acpi settings to loader.conf or sysctl.conf if you know your BIOS supports them. These are listed in man acpi.



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