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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Wed Dec 21 06:31:20 PST 2011

On 12/21/2011 04:19, Tigersharke . wrote:
> Hello..
> In my attempts to configure a local PBI repository, I have discovered
> a rather unfriendly bug. I stumbled through the repo creation process,
> then decided to remove *my* repo, intending to do no other damage.
>   * Upon removing id 002 (my repo) with pbi_deleterepo, AppCafe would
>     no longer start from the system tray.
>   * Re-adding my repo with pbi_addrepo, allowed AppCafe to start once
>     more, but the default PC-BSD repo remained inaccessible.
>   * Lacking a properly defined repository prevents installed PBI files
>     from being displayed in AppCafe, but pbi_info does list them.

Please send the output of these commands:

# pbi_listrepo
# ls /var/db/pbi/index

> It may not have been the most brilliant idea to remove all repos but
> since it seemed that I had no access anyway, I didn't feel that I lost
> anything more.
> Without a repo defined, AppCafe will not load from the system tray,
> and attempts from commandline result in the following:
> [tigersharke at Mutant] > appcafe
> Locale: "en"
> Application starting...
> Populating list...
> Reading PBI List
> RealUser: "tigersharke"
> Adding Repos...
> Segmentation fault
> Perhaps it would be wise, in such a situation, for there to be an
> option to obtain the pbi repo information/file for the default
> repository, or automatically, or maybe even as a function of the
> update manager should the default repo data become lost.  Even without
> those possible mechanisms added, the default appcafe repo file ought
> to exist somewhere on the system as a precaution.
> Thanks for your efforts!
> PS. How can I recover AppCafe functionality?  How can I define the
> Official PBI Repository?

Download this file:


Then do a pbi_addrepo to re-init it.

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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