[PC-BSD Testing] AppCafe/pbi_deleterepo

Tigersharke . tigersharke at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 01:19:30 PST 2011


In my attempts to configure a local PBI repository, I have discovered a
rather unfriendly bug. I stumbled through the repo creation process, then
decided to remove *my* repo, intending to do no other damage.

   - Upon removing id 002 (my repo) with pbi_deleterepo, AppCafe would no
   longer start from the system tray.
   - Re-adding my repo with pbi_addrepo, allowed AppCafe to start once
   more, but the default PC-BSD repo remained inaccessible.
   - Lacking a properly defined repository prevents installed PBI files
   from being displayed in AppCafe, but pbi_info does list them.

It may not have been the most brilliant idea to remove all repos but since
it seemed that I had no access anyway, I didn't feel that I lost anything

Without a repo defined, AppCafe will not load from the system tray, and
attempts from commandline result in the following:

[tigersharke at Mutant] > appcafe
Locale: "en"
Application starting...
Populating list...
Reading PBI List
RealUser: "tigersharke"
Adding Repos...
Segmentation fault

Perhaps it would be wise, in such a situation, for there to be an option to
obtain the pbi repo information/file for the default repository, or
automatically, or maybe even as a function of the update manager should the
default repo data become lost.  Even without those possible mechanisms
added, the default appcafe repo file ought to exist somewhere on the system
as a precaution.

Thanks for your efforts!

PS. How can I recover AppCafe functionality?  How can I define the Official
PBI Repository?
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