[PC-BSD Testing] Patch to test fast-booting

Karl R. Grose karl at gromar.org
Mon Dec 19 11:14:09 PST 2011

Hi Kris,

On 12/19/2011 10:39, Kris Moore wrote:

> Got a few files here I thought I'd make available for testing to
> evaluate putting them into 9.0.

The new rc/rc.delay will cause issues for users running OpenAFS (afsd).
This happened when I tried:

Starting afsd.
ADVISEADDR: Error in specifying interface addresses:No existing IP
interfaces found
AFS: RX failed to initialize -7).

And the whole boot process paused for the network and other parts to
load and even then, the afs daemon failed to start.

Perhaps adding a "Quick boot" option to the startup menu, but not making
it the default would address possible incompatibilities.


Karl Grose
Richmond, Calif.

> This updated /etc/rc & /etc/rc.delay files change how booting works, to
> try and boot us faster to a GUI login. This happens by delaying certain
> services / networking from loading until after the GUI starts. On my
> slower netboot here, it shaved a 84 second boot down to 45ish seconds,
> almost a 50% reduction. I'll be curious to hear about others results,
> plus if any problems occur.
> To test this out, first as root do:
> # cp /etc/rc /etc/rc.orig
> Then copy the attached rc & rc.delay to /etc/rc and /etc/rc.delay
> respectively.
> After that you can reboot and see if it makes any difference for you.
> If you want to undo the patch, just do:
> # cp /etc/rc.orig /etc/rc
> # rm /etc/rc.delay

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