[PC-BSD Testing] 9.0-RC3 install forgets to set active flag on new partition

Bruce Cran bruce at cran.org.uk
Sat Dec 17 10:52:11 PST 2011


I used the PCBSD 9.0-RC3 installer to install FreeBSD onto a ZFS system 
using a blank disk. It seems the installer forgets to set the active 
flag, because after it created the following layout, rebooting just 
ended up with a flashing cursor:

ada0   MBR (931G)
-free- (976k)
freebsd (150G)
-free- (781G)

ada0s1 BSD (150G)
freebsd-ufs (1.0G)
freebsd-swap (50G)
freebsd-zfs (99G)
-free- (2.5k)

To fix it I used sysinstall to set the bootable flag on ada0s1.  Also, I 
wonder if having swap be 2x RAM still makes sense when RAM is so cheap?

Bruce Cran

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