[PC-BSD Testing] Localisation

N V VaNs9 at yandex.ru
Thu Dec 15 06:49:12 PST 2011


I've installed RC3 using x86-DVD. During the installation I've choosen Russian language and russian keyboard layout. Now I have KDE, LXDE in English. In KDE I have two keyboard layouts: both are Russian. In LXDE I can't setup keyboard layout switching, there is no such feature, afaik. By the way, these seemed to be in RC2 too.

P.S. I don't know what've caused this bug but imho if I choose any layout different from the English one, I have to have English layout as a fallback, because there are things that require english input (logins/passwords for example).

P.P.S. Double Russian layouts may be the KDE thing. May be the KDE itself adds the second one at the first start. Don't know.


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