[PC-BSD Testing] Issues in 9.0-RC2

Bruce Cran bruce at cran.org.uk
Sun Dec 11 16:46:06 PST 2011


I booted PC-BSD in a VMware VM but forgot to increase the amount of RAM 
from its default of 256MB. The message displayed has a typo:

"You may experience problems with less than this ammount".

"ammount" should be "amount".

- During installation, should the "System password" box mention "root" 

- In the Welcome to PC-BSD screen:
"If you are new to PC-BSD... introduction of your new Operating System".
Should be "to your new"

- It would be nice to pre-populate the Favorites menu with Terminal, 
LibreOffice Writer, Firefox etc.
- It might be good to have a window (I don't know the KDE terminology) 
open on the desktop with the handbook, control panel etc.

- In pbi_add(1) there's a typo "competence and identify" should be 
- Also:
mdoc warning: Empty input line #36
mdoc warning: A .Bl directive has no matching .El (#92)

- In pbi_create(1):
mdoc warning: A .Bl directive has no matching .El (#60)
- pbi_makeport(1):
mdoc_warning: A .Bl directive has no matching .El (#66)

- Files are being put into the root of the filesystem that should 
probably be in root:

- Should atapicam_load="YES" be in loader.conf? I read that it has been 
obsoleted, but that might be wrong 
- The Firewall GUI appears to claim everything is being blocked, but 
pf.conf and the active configuration show loads of ports are open 
(including 49152-65535). Adding a new rule appears to cause /etc/pf.conf 
to be double-spaced.
- For some reason tcsh prompts me for the filename in /etc/ssh even 
after typing "ssh_conf" and pressing tab - it should auto-complete and 
not suggest sshd_config.
- There's also the "gnome-keyring-daemon[5604]: couldn't allocate secure 
memory to keep passwords and or keys from being written to the disk" 
message. I guess this might need a post-install "chmod u+s 
/usr/local/bin/gpg2" to fix this.
- None of the pbi_* utilities seem to understand "-h" or "--help" switches.

Bruce Cran

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