[PC-BSD Testing] About epiphany ....

Jay Patel rockworldmi at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 07:27:04 PST 2011

>Epiphany is a required part of the GNOME system package, which is why it
>does not show up in the AppCafe list, since the AppCafe only deals with
>PBI installations. If you install Chromium via the AppCafe, you should
>then be able to select Chromium as the default browser in the control panel.
>I have noticed that there is an annoying pop-up in Chromium that says
>that it is not the default browser when it actually is. That is just an
>error within the program itself, it isn't looking in the proper place
>for the default applications. You should just be able to hit the "don't
>show again" option on that pop-up and it won't bother you again. :-)

>~ Ken Moore ~

Well i am unable to see the chrome in the default browser selection
from control panel.but i managed to get it default by right clicking
the chrome's desktop icon and from its property i copied the command
line into the browser choosing > command box ...thanks by the way..

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